Bird walk



097 whit birds

106 two white birds in flight

Some of the youngest children in the school went on a dusk nature walk equipped with binoculars, tablets and an abundance of enthusiasm. The children stalked quietly along the beautiful path to the edge of the nearby lake. They eagerly used the tablets to photograph the multitude of birds and their habitats. The short walk around Paradise Village revealed a diverse range of habitats. The name of the school has been well chosen as anyone who undertakes this walk will quickly see. It was refreshing to see how well the younger children shared the equipment and eagerly pointed out birds to each other.  The return journey past the edge of ‘Snake Mountain’ which is a ‘jungle’ habitat, added an extra dimension to the walk. The sound of roosting birds emanating from the thick undergrowth gave an audible experience. The flocks of birds returning home after feeding at the lake, could be seen against the setting sun.


112 sillhoette


130 flock




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