Heal Children Build Their Own Football Pitches

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Following the donation of footballs and football kit by Liverpool Football Club, the children of Heal all participated in the preparation and construction of two junior football pitches- one for girls and one for boys.

All the children in the school gave up their playtime on two successive afternoons, to clear the ground of large stones. They used their initiative to find ingenious ways of extracting the embedded stones! Fifteen large sacks were filled. Four of the older boys used wheelbarrows to remove the sacks. The stones were later reused as part of the foundations for the stage in the performance area, which is currently under construction.

The pitches were marked using string and white powder. The children erected goalposts which had been constructed from plastic piping. As soon as the goals were raised, the children enthusiastically took part in a football match. The girls initially had reservations but were soon just as enthusiastic as the boys. Most children wore flip flops or sandals and this highlighted the need to provide suitable footwear. The success of this endeavour has prompted the purchasing of sport shoes for all the children as well as track suit bottoms for the girls.

The rapid development of football skills is eagerly anticipated.







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