Distance Learning – First successful session

After a number of false starts Colin Charlton completed his first successful session with the students.


Using technology in rural India has its problems. First of all you can’t rely on the electrical supply. Soon HEAL will generate its own electricity from solar panels on the roof and that will be a problem of the past.

Surges in electrical supply play havoc with the kit. The server was taken out by one such spike. We have now had work done to protect against that.

We planned to use the Apple product FaceTime but when we connected the iPad to the projector we found that it only connected briefly before dropping the connection. After googling I found that this was a known problem. Apple had put a ‘fix’ in their latest version of the operating system to stop non Apple cables working with iPad. (Apple aren’t you making enough money from iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac sales. What if the projector people insisted on only using their cables with the projector!).

So while I’m waiting for an Apple cable to arrive we have turned to Skype. I don’t think the quality of the pictures is as good as FaceTime but at least it works.

So today we started their Science syllabus. We are following the CBSE syllabus. I have found lots of teaching resources on the Internet and I am writing lessons around these. I am sending the students some directed learning and then I’m following this up with question and answer sessions over the net.

I should get my first work back tomorrow.

I am planning once a month to take the kids on a virtual trip. As soon as I get the Apple cable and we can use FaceTime I will take them shopping around Macclesfield town centre (M&S and Pound Land). Next up will be a trip to the British Museum to see the Rosetta Stone.

Today my grandson helped me with the lesson!



Using Tablets in learning

At HEAL children are using Tablets to improve their study skills.  Initially children are trained in using tablets by Mr.Colin a volunteer from UK and those children taught the other children using tablets. Using tablets children are enable to improve their reading skills by reading stories, some children have improved drawing skills, maintaining communication through mails with their teacher Colin and able to do their tasks given by him.  Children are using educational websites to improve English language skills and able to know daily news.  Some children who have passion in bird view are able to study about birds.  Now for them Tablet has become an interesting and important tool in learning

Pledge taking

HEAL pledge is composed with a noble object to inculcate good values and self confidence among children and staff.  It was on 16th Feb, 2015 all the staff and students took the oath with great confidence on  the eve of HEAL day celebrations.   To encourage children to practice the pledge, Heal school management has conducted a competition to the children, teaching and non teaching staff on 22-02-2015.  All the members took part in the competition with enthusiasm.  The winners of this competition are   of II class, Mahesh of ‘C’ group, Srikar and SaiKeerthi of A&B groups, Ms.Hemalatha (house mother).








New experience with bird feeders

HEAL children visited the lake near by the school along with their senior teacher.



The purpose of the visit was to observe different birds and listen to their sounds.  To attract birds, children arranged two bird feeders filling them with grains and fruits.


Devi Charan a boy of VI class and his team tied these bird feeders to the branch of one big tree and observed the birds secretly.


They were delighted observing birds hovering in the sky, flying elegantly and singing sweetly.  They observed birds using their binoculars, took photographs using their tablets and entered their observations in their activity diary respectively.

Ravi Teja reports on the resurfacing of the HEAL Football Pitches

HEAL Paradise recently constructed two pitches, one for girls and one for boys.
Though all the large stones and surface stones had been removed the surface was still quite bumpy and covered with small stones. Lots of people were cutting their knees and a quite a bit of blood was being spilt.
So the arriival of six lorry loads of soft surface soild was a great sight to see. Workers soon spread the soft red soil across the surface of the pitch and a big yellow roller flattened it.
The boys remarked out the pitches and erected goals on both.
We now have a good soft surface to play on so our football skills should greatly improve and out injury rate decline. Maybe we will be able to get grass to grow on the pitch. For this to happen we will have to extend the irrigation. That will be a project for later in the year.