Newspaper articles

Continuing the theme of communications, we looked at examples of where communication is used to enable one person to reach a much larger audience.

First we looked at magazines and newspapers. The children were given four copies of the New Scientist and each student was asked to find an article which interested them and one that they could understand.

They then looked at an example of a newspaper. This was followed by looking at newspapers online.  The children were asked for the name of an Indian newspaper. They gave the example of ‘The Hindu’ which is delivered daily to the school.

To conclude the journal exercise, was demonstrated to the class. They were able to see for themselves, the power of the written word. Work was set to summarise an article from both the New Scientist and The Hindu.

003 004

Another form of one to many communication is through public speaking. A discussion took place of some of the characteristics  of effective oral presentation skills. Keerthi was the first to volunteer to present her chosen article. The class assessed her presentation skills and were able to provide valuable feedback. Further presentations were given by Dinesh, Vennela and Srikar. Well done to all of them!




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