Sunday at heal school

Sunday is a holiday and jolly day at heal.  Children spend Sunday in a meaningful way by experiencing the joy of learning.

Tubal on Sundays

Music is a language of love and peace.  Children at heal learn light music, folk songs and patriotic songs while their teacher Mr.Ramu plays Tubal.  Indian classical music has been found to have the strongest healing powers as it does have positive effects on the minds and it has the power of healing certain ailments.  It sooths the mind of children and takes away their depression.  They spend Sunday to learn new songs and present at national festivals or any school functions.  They enjoy singing as well.


Art & craft on Sundays

Children naturally love art, painting drawing and doing craft works.  Creating art activities can help children in all areas of development.  It helps them to improve their creativity, emotional development and imaginative power.  Children of heal drew beautiful pictures to speak their likes and love for nature.  Dr.Geethika a volunteer comes on every Sunday to spend her precious time with children and also train them in drawing pictures.



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