Bird Fun

Last week’s bird walk was followed up with some bird fun in the classroom. Children looked at a selection of bird photos which were taken during the walk.

The class teacher, coming from England was unfamiliar with the birds of India. He asked the boys and girls help him remember the birds that had been seen by drawing and colouring pictures of the birds.

The children were shown a range of habitats around the school and asked which birds lived where. They discussed the advantages of having log legs and long beaks or short legs and little beaks. They explored the question of why many birds were brown on their backs and white on the underside.

They learnt that similar looking birds could be told apart by their bird song.

They helped the teacher identify the birds they had seen by calling out when they recognised one of the photos on a list of bird pictures from Andhra Pradesh. The possible matches were put side by side and everyone said if they thought it was a match.

Common bird song was played on an iPhone app. The children recognised three of the four songs played (sparrow, Crow, Pigeon but not Kingfisher.

The children acted out bird scenarios; being an owl looking for prey; being a little bird being hunted by an Eagle; being an Eagle.

The children were very proud of the pictures they had drawn.









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