Lokesh reports about the Boy’s Dorm

The boy’s dorm will soon be completed. This is what it will look like:


Here is a picture of it earlier in its construction.


We were due to move in on the 18.12.14 but the building work has over run. It will be worth waiting for, to us students it looks like the new Tajmahal.

The funding for the dorm was donated by Satya Prasad Sir. All at HEAL would like to express their gratitude and thanks to Satya Prasad Sir.

In the boy’s dorm there is granite stones and nice gardens. Outside there are Meem,  Mango, Coconut, Pogada and Banyan trees. There are also flowering Bringal and Citric plants.

On the roof there are solar panels. These will heat the water and provide electricity for the building.

The new dorm will be fitted out with beds and wardrobes for our clothes. There are many showers and toilets for our use.

The girls dorm will not be completed for a few months so initially the boys will occupy the second floor and the girls will be on the first floor. Eating facilities and a large hall will be on the ground floor.


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