HEAL children go shopping in Macclesfield – virtually

As part of a programme to broaden the experience of HEAL children today they were taken on a shopping expedition around Macclesfield town centre.

To facilitate this trip FaceTime was used. Macclesfield fortunately is in a 4G area so it was no problem to utilise FaceTime to show the members of HEALS class A&B around the town.

The trip started with a visit to Macclesfield Library where the class saw the well-stocked public library. They saw the array of books that the public can loan. They looked at the children’s section and the teenage section.



Next they walked past the town hall and the church and into the main shopping street. We then visited Poundland. This gave an opportunity for Angel and Lokesh to choose earphones to go with the android tablet that was being set up for each of them as a result of the excellent work they had done in the science distance learning course. The cashier at Poundland was only too pleased to briefly talk to the class.


We stopped to put the purchases into the saddlebags of my bike before resuming down Mill Street to visit River Island. At this shop the children saw the fashions that were being sold to their English counterparts.

The trip finished with a quick call in at Marks & Spencer’s. A trip on the escalator to the upper floor, a quick look round at the M&S offerings and then a view of the ground floor food section and ladies wear was all that my iPhone battery allowed.


In a few weeks’ time we will take another trip to an interesting destination. I wonder where we will go next!


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