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My school garden – by Angel

In our garden we have so many vegetables.

We don’t add chemicals to the plants.


We add only manure to the plants. When we came here we have so many problems of health. But now, there is no problems of health.

We have greenery here


Every day we go to our garden and bring our healthy vegetables.


We only clean our garden.

When we go to there we were so happy because, there is so many birds near the trees, near the wires…

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Have a nice day.


Chandu writes about the Hindu god Ganesh

While Ganesh is popularly consider to be the son of Shiva and Pavarthi the purnic myths relate serval different version of his birth these include version in which he is crested by Shiva, by Parvati, by Shiva and Pravati or in a mysterious manner that is later discovered by Shiva and Parvati

 The family includes his brother Skanda, kartikeya. Regional differences dictate the order of their births. In North India, Skanda is generally said to be the elder brother while in the South, Ganesha is considered the first born. Prior to the emergence of Ganesha, Skanda had a long and glorious history as an important martial deity from about 500 BCE to about 600 CE, when his worship declined significantly in North India. The period of this decline is concurrent with the rise of Ganesha. Several stories relate episodes of sibling rivalry between Ganesha and Skanda and may reflect historical tensions between the respective sects.

Once there was a competition between Ganesha and his brother as to see who could circumambulate the three worlds faster and hence win the fruit of knowledge. Skanda went off on a journey to cover the three worlds while Ganesha simply circumambulated his parents. When asked why he did so, he answered that his parents Shiva and Parvati constituted the three worlds and was thus given the fruit of knowledge


Once upon a time, high up in the Himalayas, my mother Parvati lived with her husband Shiva. One day, my mother sat down to make a sculpture of a boy. She carefully moulded the clay and ended up making a cute little boy, with chubby cheeks and everything. She looked at his chubby and roly likeness and was very pleased with her creation.

So, she decided to give it life, and this clay sculpture- me- came to life. We were both ecstatic. Since my mother had got dirty from making me, she decided to take a bath. As my father, the great Shiva, was away, she told me to guard the door and not let any strangers in.

Now, I had never seen Shiva, as I was just born. I sat outside, playing with a stick and minding my own business, when a large man, all blue and cool, came up to the hut. Not knowing who he was, I yelled, “Stop!” and he replied, “How dare you? I, am Shiva.”

With that, he raised his trishul and swiped off my head. Hearing the noise, my mother came running out of the hut and shrieked, “What have you done to our son? I made him out of the earth, with such love! And you have gone and chopped his head off?”

Boy, was Shiva in trouble. He promised my mother that he would find a suitable head for their little boy. So, off he went into the forest. Bish, bash, boom! We heard a cacophony of sounds and then an elephant trumpet.

Shiva was back in no time, with the head of an elephant, which he fixed on to me. He then patted me and told me how proud he was of me, for fearlessly obeying my mother’s orders and gave me blessings of prosperity and intelligence.

Since then, I’ve been known by many, many names, like Vighnaharta, Siddhivinayak, and Vakra Chandra.And I, am the remover, of all obstacles.

Lokesh writes about Ramazan

Ramadan also transliterated Ramadan, Ramzan, Ramadhan, orRamathan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar,[3] and is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief.

The word Ramadan comes from the Arabic root ramiḍa or ar-ramad, which means scorching heat or dryness

In that day they all wear the new clothes And they all celebrated with each other And In that day  they cooked the  food like biryani, payasam etc.

The month of Ramadan is that in which was revealed the Quran

believed that the Quran was first revealed to Muhammad during the month of Ramadan which has been referred to as the “best of times”.



These are the images of allah.