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Angel and Bhargav report on ‘Our Computer Lab’


In heal school there is a computer lab. In that lab 21 children work along with Teja sir. We use google to research our work. In our lab there are 30 computers and in the server room 2 computers. In our lab virtual classes are running. Colin sir is conducting virtual classes in our computer lab at school from England. Our computers are “HP” computers running 8.1 windows server. We have headset and also each terminal has a UPS to protect against power cuts.


We enjoy doing all the different tasks of Colin sir’s work.


Distance Learning – First successful session

After a number of false starts Colin Charlton completed his first successful session with the students.


Using technology in rural India has its problems. First of all you can’t rely on the electrical supply. Soon HEAL will generate its own electricity from solar panels on the roof and that will be a problem of the past.

Surges in electrical supply play havoc with the kit. The server was taken out by one such spike. We have now had work done to protect against that.

We planned to use the Apple product FaceTime but when we connected the iPad to the projector we found that it only connected briefly before dropping the connection. After googling I found that this was a known problem. Apple had put a ‘fix’ in their latest version of the operating system to stop non Apple cables working with iPad. (Apple aren’t you making enough money from iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac sales. What if the projector people insisted on only using their cables with the projector!).

So while I’m waiting for an Apple cable to arrive we have turned to Skype. I don’t think the quality of the pictures is as good as FaceTime but at least it works.

So today we started their Science syllabus. We are following the CBSE syllabus. I have found lots of teaching resources on the Internet and I am writing lessons around these. I am sending the students some directed learning and then I’m following this up with question and answer sessions over the net.

I should get my first work back tomorrow.

I am planning once a month to take the kids on a virtual trip. As soon as I get the Apple cable and we can use FaceTime I will take them shopping around Macclesfield town centre (M&S and Pound Land). Next up will be a trip to the British Museum to see the Rosetta Stone.

Today my grandson helped me with the lesson!


Using Tablets in learning

At HEAL children are using Tablets to improve their study skills.  Initially children are trained in using tablets by Mr.Colin a volunteer from UK and those children taught the other children using tablets. Using tablets children are enable to improve their reading skills by reading stories, some children have improved drawing skills, maintaining communication through mails with their teacher Colin and able to do their tasks given by him.  Children are using educational websites to improve English language skills and able to know daily news.  Some children who have passion in bird view are able to study about birds.  Now for them Tablet has become an interesting and important tool in learning

Dinesh, Harish and Silva Rama Krishna report on their first Skype session

Our school is starting to receive teachers who are coming from abroad to teach. Recently one such teacher focussed on Communication methods. This was to enable us to be taught from other countries.

In one communication class we looked at Skype. A demonstration of Skype was given where our class was in video contact with one of the younger classes. It was good to see how we could be taught from abroad.


We are excited to be able to continue these classes even after the teacher has gone home. We liked learning about the sky especially how we could see what it looked like here at HEAL Paradise Village

Pen Friends with England

Today the pupils of class A & B wrote to penfriends at Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Hlewood, Liverpool.

Holy Trinity, Halewood, Merseyside

Colin Charlton, who recently visited Heal Children’s Village is friends with Kevin Quigley the Deputy Head of Holy Trinity. They were both involved with Liverpool Ladies FC

Kevin had discussed with the pupils at Holy Family the merits of setting up penfriends to allow their children to learn at first hand about life in India.

To get things started the 21 pupils of class A&B have written a letter saying a little bit about themselves and asking questions about life in England.

computer lab

The children are eagerly awaiting letters back.

Sharing experiences

A visit of Anjana: Voluntary teachers visit HEAL school often to spend their precious time to teach the children at HEAL school.  Ms.Anjana, working as a teacher in U.K visited HEALl and spent a few weeks with children.  She taught English in a play way method and also trained the teachers at HEAL school.  She made learning a joyful experience to both children and teachers.  She is very helpful, punctual and dedicated person.  Everybody at HEAL including kitchen staff love her for she is very amicable and never troubled anybody.



A visit of Colin : Colin  a 67 years old mentor, a University retired senior lecturer in U.K. visited HEAL school and spent for a few weeks with children.   He likes children and teaching is his passion.  He loves observing birds flying in the sky.  He enjoyed the nature & lake view at HEAL Paradise.  He spent most of his time to teach communication skills, computer, social studies, using tablets, binnoculas, Telescope and playing football.  He inspired pupil to become self-learners. He motivated and inspired the staff to involve children in project works and activities.  Both Anjana and Colin helped teachers in preparing behavior policy both for teachers and children to create a happy and healthy environment.  Children and staff bid a farewell to Colin and Anjana with great love on 6th Feb,2015.


Black Kite drops in to class C

On Friday in Class C’s lesson, they used tablets. The 15 young students were in 5 groups of 3. They used the tablets as Kindle book readers. Each group read a page of a story before passing the tablet to the next person.

The tablet session finished and the students sat at the feet of the teacher to hear the story of the Ugly duckling.  Just as the large egg was hatching a black kite swooped down outside their window. It landed on the ground just outside the window.

Eagle, eagle one boy shouted out as the whole class got up to look out the window. A number of other Black Kites circled above.



DSC_1022black kite