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Daya Vardhan has a day to remember at HEAL Paradise

Daya Vardhan, of Class 8,  writes about a memorable day taking a walk around the lake with a group of fellow students and UK volunteers Colin Charlton and Jem King…

Walking Around the Lake


Keerthi and Angel report on their radio performance


radio 2

On April 1st we went to Vijayawada radio station for the first time to perform and take part in a radio programme.  Saikeerthi, Lakshmi Nancharama, Angel Vennela, Samvidha and Sandhayran sang three songs. We sang the folk songs:

  • Ghalu, ghalu, ghalu, ghalu
  • Thandhana thandhana

and the patriotic song:

  • Chekkera calipina

A story was said by Samvidha and Sai Tejaswini.

The small children from Heal Paradise Village recited poems.

The traditional Indian number system (Place values of which there are 27) were spoken by Sandhya Rani and Lokesh.

This is the first time for Heal Paradise Village to perform at the radio station.

We all enjoyed it very much.




New experience with bird feeders

HEAL children visited the lake near by the school along with their senior teacher.



The purpose of the visit was to observe different birds and listen to their sounds.  To attract birds, children arranged two bird feeders filling them with grains and fruits.


Devi Charan a boy of VI class and his team tied these bird feeders to the branch of one big tree and observed the birds secretly.


They were delighted observing birds hovering in the sky, flying elegantly and singing sweetly.  They observed birds using their binoculars, took photographs using their tablets and entered their observations in their activity diary respectively.

Ravi Teja reports on the resurfacing of the HEAL Football Pitches

HEAL Paradise recently constructed two pitches, one for girls and one for boys.
Though all the large stones and surface stones had been removed the surface was still quite bumpy and covered with small stones. Lots of people were cutting their knees and a quite a bit of blood was being spilt.
So the arriival of six lorry loads of soft surface soild was a great sight to see. Workers soon spread the soft red soil across the surface of the pitch and a big yellow roller flattened it.
The boys remarked out the pitches and erected goals on both.
We now have a good soft surface to play on so our football skills should greatly improve and out injury rate decline. Maybe we will be able to get grass to grow on the pitch. For this to happen we will have to extend the irrigation. That will be a project for later in the year.

Pen Friends with England

Today the pupils of class A & B wrote to penfriends at Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Hlewood, Liverpool.

Holy Trinity, Halewood, Merseyside

Colin Charlton, who recently visited Heal Children’s Village is friends with Kevin Quigley the Deputy Head of Holy Trinity. They were both involved with Liverpool Ladies FC

Kevin had discussed with the pupils at Holy Family the merits of setting up penfriends to allow their children to learn at first hand about life in India.

To get things started the 21 pupils of class A&B have written a letter saying a little bit about themselves and asking questions about life in England.

computer lab

The children are eagerly awaiting letters back.

HEAL students reach for the sky

Today 3 HEAL students formed a telescope club. Angel, Sandhya and Joseph got together to explore HEAL’s newly acquired telescope.

At 16.45 they had their very first session. . In this session they used the telescope to explore the Forested Hill across the way from HEAL school. They first used the 20mm eyepiece. With this they could see birds in detail on the trees of the Forest. They then changed to the 4mm eye piece. This gave them more detail but over a reduced area.

They had planned to try to view the moon at 8pm but when they consulted the Night sky for their position (latitude 16.6 N, longitude 80.8) to their disappointment they found the moon had set and was no longer visible.


sky at 8pm