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New experience with bird feeders

HEAL children visited the lake near by the school along with their senior teacher.



The purpose of the visit was to observe different birds and listen to their sounds.  To attract birds, children arranged two bird feeders filling them with grains and fruits.


Devi Charan a boy of VI class and his team tied these bird feeders to the branch of one big tree and observed the birds secretly.


They were delighted observing birds hovering in the sky, flying elegantly and singing sweetly.  They observed birds using their binoculars, took photographs using their tablets and entered their observations in their activity diary respectively.


Sharing experiences

A visit of Anjana: Voluntary teachers visit HEAL school often to spend their precious time to teach the children at HEAL school.  Ms.Anjana, working as a teacher in U.K visited HEALl and spent a few weeks with children.  She taught English in a play way method and also trained the teachers at HEAL school.  She made learning a joyful experience to both children and teachers.  She is very helpful, punctual and dedicated person.  Everybody at HEAL including kitchen staff love her for she is very amicable and never troubled anybody.



A visit of Colin : Colin  a 67 years old mentor, a University retired senior lecturer in U.K. visited HEAL school and spent for a few weeks with children.   He likes children and teaching is his passion.  He loves observing birds flying in the sky.  He enjoyed the nature & lake view at HEAL Paradise.  He spent most of his time to teach communication skills, computer, social studies, using tablets, binnoculas, Telescope and playing football.  He inspired pupil to become self-learners. He motivated and inspired the staff to involve children in project works and activities.  Both Anjana and Colin helped teachers in preparing behavior policy both for teachers and children to create a happy and healthy environment.  Children and staff bid a farewell to Colin and Anjana with great love on 6th Feb,2015.


We saw monkeys!

Yesterday class A & B had a trip down to the lake. They were interested in seeing any of the local wildlife.

They saw lots of birds particularly feeding in the dried up part of the lake and the fringes of the lake.

Whilst walking back and watching a kestrel hunting over the tops of the forested local hill; one eagle eyed youngster spotted a troop of monkeys swinging through the trees on the edge of the hill.

Everyone wanted to use the binoculars to get a better view.
















Black Kite drops in to class C

On Friday in Class C’s lesson, they used tablets. The 15 young students were in 5 groups of 3. They used the tablets as Kindle book readers. Each group read a page of a story before passing the tablet to the next person.

The tablet session finished and the students sat at the feet of the teacher to hear the story of the Ugly duckling.  Just as the large egg was hatching a black kite swooped down outside their window. It landed on the ground just outside the window.

Eagle, eagle one boy shouted out as the whole class got up to look out the window. A number of other Black Kites circled above.



DSC_1022black kite

Bird spotting at HEAL

HEAL Paradise school is rich in bird life. To enjoy this, the school is providing a number of bird hides. The hides are being built on the premises and the first was installed today. Soon a network of hides will be in place across the HEAL Paradise village. This will enable all students to have the opportunity of seeing birds up close.














Bird Fun

Last week’s bird walk was followed up with some bird fun in the classroom. Children looked at a selection of bird photos which were taken during the walk.

The class teacher, coming from England was unfamiliar with the birds of India. He asked the boys and girls help him remember the birds that had been seen by drawing and colouring pictures of the birds.

The children were shown a range of habitats around the school and asked which birds lived where. They discussed the advantages of having log legs and long beaks or short legs and little beaks. They explored the question of why many birds were brown on their backs and white on the underside.

They learnt that similar looking birds could be told apart by their bird song.

They helped the teacher identify the birds they had seen by calling out when they recognised one of the photos on a list of bird pictures from Andhra Pradesh. The possible matches were put side by side and everyone said if they thought it was a match.

Common bird song was played on an iPhone app. The children recognised three of the four songs played (sparrow, Crow, Pigeon but not Kingfisher.

The children acted out bird scenarios; being an owl looking for prey; being a little bird being hunted by an Eagle; being an Eagle.

The children were very proud of the pictures they had drawn.








Bird walk



097 whit birds

106 two white birds in flight

Some of the youngest children in the school went on a dusk nature walk equipped with binoculars, tablets and an abundance of enthusiasm. The children stalked quietly along the beautiful path to the edge of the nearby lake. They eagerly used the tablets to photograph the multitude of birds and their habitats. The short walk around Paradise Village revealed a diverse range of habitats. The name of the school has been well chosen as anyone who undertakes this walk will quickly see. It was refreshing to see how well the younger children shared the equipment and eagerly pointed out birds to each other.  The return journey past the edge of ‘Snake Mountain’ which is a ‘jungle’ habitat, added an extra dimension to the walk. The sound of roosting birds emanating from the thick undergrowth gave an audible experience. The flocks of birds returning home after feeding at the lake, could be seen against the setting sun.


112 sillhoette


130 flock