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Sharing experiences

A visit of Anjana: Voluntary teachers visit HEAL school often to spend their precious time to teach the children at HEAL school.  Ms.Anjana, working as a teacher in U.K visited HEALl and spent a few weeks with children.  She taught English in a play way method and also trained the teachers at HEAL school.  She made learning a joyful experience to both children and teachers.  She is very helpful, punctual and dedicated person.  Everybody at HEAL including kitchen staff love her for she is very amicable and never troubled anybody.



A visit of Colin : Colin  a 67 years old mentor, a University retired senior lecturer in U.K. visited HEAL school and spent for a few weeks with children.   He likes children and teaching is his passion.  He loves observing birds flying in the sky.  He enjoyed the nature & lake view at HEAL Paradise.  He spent most of his time to teach communication skills, computer, social studies, using tablets, binnoculas, Telescope and playing football.  He inspired pupil to become self-learners. He motivated and inspired the staff to involve children in project works and activities.  Both Anjana and Colin helped teachers in preparing behavior policy both for teachers and children to create a happy and healthy environment.  Children and staff bid a farewell to Colin and Anjana with great love on 6th Feb,2015.



Black Kite drops in to class C

On Friday in Class C’s lesson, they used tablets. The 15 young students were in 5 groups of 3. They used the tablets as Kindle book readers. Each group read a page of a story before passing the tablet to the next person.

The tablet session finished and the students sat at the feet of the teacher to hear the story of the Ugly duckling.  Just as the large egg was hatching a black kite swooped down outside their window. It landed on the ground just outside the window.

Eagle, eagle one boy shouted out as the whole class got up to look out the window. A number of other Black Kites circled above.



DSC_1022black kite

English Lessons

In English lessons, Group B children have been using the story of The Gingerbread Man to learn about the past tense. They were able to spot the verbs in the text and then use them to make up their own version of the story. They enjoyed producing ‘mini books’ to show their work and were very excited to put the books on display for all their friends to read too.